Support for investors

Areas of cooperation between investors and municipal authorities:


  • Maintenance and development of technical infrastructure – access roads, water and sewage infrastructure
  • Assistance in obtaining new properties in the case of expanding the business and during the investment process itself
  • Updating the local spatial development plan, in the context of ongoing investments and development plans
  • Initiating cooperation with business-related institutions
  • Creation of a contact system with local government authorities through direct contacts, working meetings, occasional meetings.

Post-investment support in the Municipality of Ostroda consists of:


  • Help in solving problems in the matter of administrative and efficient running of procedures;
  • Assistance in cooperation with the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone;
  • Transmission and dissemination of information regarding trainings, meetings and conferences aimed at entrepreneurs;
  • Assistance in updating the purpose of areas in the local spatial development plan for investments;
  • Adoption of a resolution regarding real estate tax exemption under de minimis aid for the creation of new jobs;
  • Providing information on the possibility of obtaining EU funds for entrepreneurs.

Support for the investment process is also offered by:
Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone
Warmia and Mazury Center for Investors and Exporters’ Assistance