Why invest in Ostroda



  1. Good location (road and water transport hub), attractive geographical location
  2. A rich accommodation base and tourist infrastructure (including innovative ones)
  3. Well-developed technical infrastructure and municipal network
  4. A good climate for entrepreneurship, the functioning of business support institutions and the Special Economic Zone
  5. Developed spatial development plans
  6. An extensive infrastructure of vocational education
  7. Good state of education in the city – the implemented Territorial Self-Government Education Policy (high level of standards in the field of equipment and educational base, a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including psychological and pedagogical help, qualified educational staff)
  8. Pre-school education (providing places for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds) and a municipal nursery
  9. The proper territorial layout of educational institutions providing children with universal access to education, including children with disabilities
  10. Natural values ​​(lakes, Elbląg Canal, forests)
  11. Human capital (readiness for action, initiative, activity), high intellectual potential of residents, high potential and broad spectrum of activities of non-governmental organizations
  12. A rich cultural and recreational offer, including flagship mass events, active cultural institutions and creative environments
  13. League sports and a wide range of sports clubs, modern sports facilities and a base for physical activity throughout the year
  14. Cultural heritage, multiculturalism of society
  15. Organizational and technical space for social activity
  16. The role of the administrative center with poviat reach of influence

They trusted us:

Mirbud S.A. (Mazury Expo sp. o.o.)
GATX (Wagon Service Ostoda)
SBPI Ltd. (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Ostóda Yacht)
WH Group (Smithfield Foods Inc., Animex Foods)


Municipality of Ostróda offers wide support for investors at every stage of planning and implementation of the investment process, including:

  • preparation of information on available location offers in the commune (including the offer of investment areas, office spaces, halls and warehouses);
  • information on investment incentives provided by the Commune Council, labor offices and SEZ, etc .;
  • assisting investors in the necessary administrative and legal procedures at the commune level;
  • offering quick access to comprehensive information on the investment’s economic and legal environment;
  • providing comprehensive assistance in finding suitable locations, consistent with the investor’s expectations, as well as partners and sub-suppliers;
  • offering post-investment care for companies (eg help in solving current problems related to activities in the commune).In addition, the Municipality grants property tax exemptions for a period of 2 years for newly built investments (as a result of which new jobs were created) depending on the size of the enterprise and the number of new jobs:a) 2 new jobs, in the case of micro-enterprises,
    b) 5 new jobs, for small entrepreneurs,
    c) 20 new jobs, for medium-sized enterprises,
    d) 50 new jobs, for other entrepreneurs.

    Investors who invest in areas covered by the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone may benefit from the concessions provided for in the Act on Special Economic Zones.